mod_tsunami is a module for Apache 1.3.x which allows for dynamic limitation of the number of simultaneous requests per vhost. For example, it can be useful if you provide Web sites hosting, and don't want one Web site to use too many resources. See documentation for more. The current stable version is mod_tsunami-3.0.tar.gz (October 3 2004). In all likelihood, this is my final release of mod_tsunami as it has been pretty stable for months. I don't plan to make an apache 2.x version anymore, due to its new scoreboard design and my lack of motivation.

The initial goal of mod_tsunami was to provide the same kind of filtering on a per-directory basis. It has been dropped since version 2.0 and replaced by the current per-vhost basis. Here is the last (old and *unmaintained*) version which supports the per-directory basis: mod_tsunami-1.1.tar.gz (March 7 2002).

Please note : it seems that some people think the name of this module is a reference to the 2004 natural disaster, which would really be a bad taste joke. mod_tsunami was originally designed and named in 2001, so it's obviously not the case.

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